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Eleven years ago some of the more forward thinking mobile phone companies started to offer access to the SMS gateways on the Internet. We saw this as a fantastic opportunity to build some clever technology that would give everyone access to what we called 'desktop messaging' - the ability to send and receive SMS txt messages to and from your computer. Much like e-mail, but with a mobile phone as the end point instead of another computer. We concentrated our efforts on working in collaboration with the academic and healthcare communities. Their needs and issues were clear and the proposition simple. The people we worked with then are still friends of the business.

Universities and colleges first need to recruit students and then they need to keep them engaged. By simply and quickly improving communication through the students omnipresent mobile phone we were able to offer instant benefits to the education community: better recruitment and improved retention.

In healthcare the issues were different but just as clear, missed appointments were costing the NHS millions of pounds, slow distribution of test results causing untold anxiety. Reminders are linked to appointment times and go to the patient's mobile in time to make the difference, test results go straight from the lab to the patient's phone.

Both of these early adopter markets are quickly moving on and truly embracing the power of ConnectTxt to simply but dramatically improve communication with their customers. We have integrated with many of their legacy computer systems, so that as well as using a standalone online messaging, our clients can also benefit from having ConnectTxt 'inside' their day-to-day computer system.

We now work with many companies including local and county councils, the police, hundreds of clinics and hospitals, public libraries, hundreds of schools and over 52% of the colleges and universities in the UK. We have just started to work with overseas customers, already ConnectTxt is in the USA, Spain, France, New Zealand, Australia and Ireland.

client care

Try this - call our number anytime between 9-5, select ConnectTxt from the menu, and then count the rings, if it is more than 3 rings, that will be the first time that has happened in over 2 years and that was, we are ashamed to admit the last time we had a 'four ringer'. Our team are fanatical about supporting our clients, they don't like you to be kept waiting. We may have built the best, the cleverest messaging platform on the planet but in some respects we are unashamedly old fashioned, we like to answer the phone when you ring.

Once you have waited less than 30 seconds to talk support, they are only to happy help you do what ever it is you need to do. You may be unsure how to do something, be nervous about uploading a precious database ... our support team will walk you through it or even do it for you if you like. We take great satisfaction in getting it right, we really do go the extra mile. You don't have to take our word for it, we are happy to put you in touch with any of our customers / here's what our customers say ....

"The ConnectTxt text messaging system was something we decided to start using as a way of getting information to our students very quickly, as the majority of our students have mobile telephones it seemed the obvious choice. This is a two way system, students also text-in their absences, queries etc. They can do this anytime of the day or night and it will be picked up straightaway. The support in setting this service up has been fantastic. The friendly voice at the other end of the phone to assist which any queries, updating the data and general advice has been second to none. Would strongly recommend this system."
Michelle Rushton, Boston Spa School, Wetherby

"I first came across the work of Edutxt at the mLearn conference in Melbourne 2007. I could immediately see how the service not only enhanced the conference, but was a clear and appropriate use of the very type of technology we were there to discuss. We were very pleased that Steve was able to join us for the 2008 conference in the UK. The facility he offered allowed us to have immediate contact with all our delegates whenever we needed to. We also used it to allow delegates to post questions to keynote speakers, and to vote for the best papers in the conference. I was particularly impressed by Steve's willingness to do anything he could to harness the technology in order to improve the overall experience of our delegates. It is difficult to imagine running an event like this without the support of the Edutxt team."
Brendan Riordan, Principal Lecturer in Computer Science, Programme Chair of mLearn 2008


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